How to really enjoy your job

I recently read an article by Chris Brogan about how he would do things if he had to start a new business from scratch. As an entrepreneur (and regular day dreamer) I really enjoyed reading that and it made me think about how we sometimes get stuck in a rut in day to day life. Follow the jump and find some tips on how to enjoy your job and life more!

You are blessed if you have a job, make the most of it and take the next few tips to heart:

Start each new day as just that

Don’t let the past influence you negatively. Unfortunately it’s human nature to let past experiences influence you. It’s actually what makes good business people good, but don’t let negative experiences prevent you from taking a positive attitude and making something great of yourself.

No business challenge will kill you

No matter how big the problem, it won’t kill you, you will still be here tomorrow. Break that problem into smaller tasks and take the first step in addressing it – NOW. In fact, it’s never really a problem, it’s a challenge.

In South Africa especially, we do come across those challenges, but we are known for our entrepreneurial spirit.

Show it…

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you’re stuck, ask for help. Do it sooner than later, because there are actually people that are a lot smarter than you who will give you different perspectives on a challenge. Some dumb people are also pretty smart sometimes… don’t write anyone off! :)

Remember those that helped you get there

A little gratitude goes a long way. If you become successful, don’t forget those that helped you get there, because one day the wheel will turn, and your roles might be reversed.

Build the right team

For entrepreneurs that are starting out – make sure you build the right team. Your team can make or break you. I am grateful for having an excellent team around me. Even if your team is two strong, two minds are still better than one and you’ll have a sounding board for your ideas.

Get a business mentor (or life coach)

Someone is bound to have gone through what you’re experiencing, whether you start a new business or you’re stuck in a dead-end job. Talk to a parent, talk to someone in business you have respect for, and ask them to be your mentor or coach. Buy them lunch occasionally… You will save a lot of time in learning from an experienced mentor.

Sweat the small stuff

Don’t put off small tasks that you have to get to, whether personal or in business. Our subconscious minds are excellent at remembering all those little things and piling them up on a subconscious to-do list that keeps on growing. One evening when you’re wondering why you’re not sleeping, start writing them down and get to it!

Enjoy what you do

Ultimately, if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, and it’s not for a short period to get to something better, get out and do something that you really find fulfilment in. Your life will change dramatically. Also remember to smile now and then. Life is not that serious, no matter what situation you are in.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful 2011. We’re looking forward to an excellent year!



Author: Dirk

Surfer & Internet Entrepreneur @ Semantica Digital, Cape Town, South Africa

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  1. Really good wholesome stuff. Life is invariably about perception, what we see is what we get. Motivation conditions perception and thus the quality of our life.

    read Waldon, deals with similar themes.

    Nice blogs.



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